Private Prenatal Childbirth Classes
(Winnipeg & Rural Manitoba)

Private Couple Pregnancy Childbirth Class in Winnipeg
Same Sex Lesbian Pregnant Couple Prenatal Childbirth Classes in Winnipeg

Become confident for your birth, reduce fear, and learn how to have a more positive experience. You will learn how to be an active participant in your birth, and how to include your partner in your birth experience. 

Enjoy Bean Family Wellness' Private Prenatal Classes that are taught in the comfort of your own home and adapted to your busy schedule! These classes cover a variety of topics, however, because of the individual nature of them, they will also be customized to your personal birth experience. These classes are great for anyone planning a hospital, home, or birth centre birth, with either an obstetrician (OB), family doctor, or midwife. 


Topics you'll learn about:

  • Preparing Yourself for Childbirth During Pregnancy to Encourage an Easier, Shorter, and Less Painful Birth

  • How to Reduce Fear & Have a Positive Experience

  • What to Expect during Labour & Childbirth including common interventions

  • Informed Choice - Making choices that are right for YOUR family

  • Signs, Symptoms, and Stages of Labour

  • Comfort Measures & Relaxation Strategies

  • Pain Relief Options (including Natural + Medicated Options)

  • How your Partner / Support People can Help

  • Postpartum Care and Recovery, including Mental Health

  • Newborn Care Essentials, including soothing techniques, sleep, diapering, & more!

  • The Essentials to Help Get Breastfeeding off to a Good Start 


Private In-Home Prenatal Childbirth Class Fee: $210 + gst (per couple)

Payment is required to reserve your childbirth class. Please register and pay securely and conveniently with any major credit card. Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque or Email Money Transfer / eInterac. 


All Bean Family Wellness Prenatal Childbirth Class Fees Include: 

  • your choice of group childbirth class,

  • an educational packet with great resources for pregnancy - birth - postpartum,

  • a complimentary sample pack for your family,

  • Save $50 off* Birth Doula Services *subject to availability based on your estimated due date*

  • plus a BONUS $50 gift certificate for Imagery by Bean. Valid for any maternity, baby, birth, or family photography session

  • 10% off any future Bean Family Wellness classes or workshops booked within the next year,

    • Including newborn care classes, breastfeeding classes, Birth Plan / Birth Wishes Workshops, parent classes, and BLS CPR & AED Certification Class from the Heart & Stroke Foundation (including group or private in-home classes for couples)

Length of class

On average, private classes last approximately 4hrs long.   

  • Private classes cover the exact same content but can be covered in less time due to the 1:1 nature of private classes, instead of a group setting (e.g. answering questions from other couples, individual work with each couple, group activities, etc.).  

Class Availability:

Private classes are available during the day, as well as on evenings and weekends.  Below you can view the calendar by clicking your class option below and reserve a time that is convenient for your family. 

Class Location:

Private Prenatal Classes are generally offered in the comfort of your own home. In-home classes are available within Winnipeg, and Rural Towns within 20 minutes of the 101 Perimeter Hwy. Unfortunately we are not able to provide in-home classes to families who do not live in Winnipeg, a Rural Town, or are not on a main rural highway. For families who live outside this area or prefer not to have a class in their home, we can accommodate a private class in our home-based studio / office space in Sunny St. James.