Private BLS Provider CPR & AED Classes

for Individuals, Professionals, Businesses, & Community Groups

Winnipeg BLS CPR Winnipeg BLS CPR Training Parents Infants Private Classes

Book Your BLS Provider CPR AED Class in a Private Class Setting 1:1 training from your instructor

Receive 1:1 Training from your Heart & Stroke Foundation Certified Instructor with this Private Class. Ensure you are well prepared in case of emergency whether you need it for work, school, or want to be able to help your family and/or friends in case of an emergency. This training covers Infant CPR, Child CPR, and Adult CPR. Plus you will learn about AED Use, and additional information on choking, etc. 

Many employers, health care positions, and post-secondary education programs require BLS CPR & AED Certification (previously known as HCP-C).

Bean Family Wellness offers Heart & Stroke Foundation BLS CPR  & AED Training as a private in-home certification class for parents, family, friends, or professionals who would like a private setting for their CPR class.  Choose from either full CPR class or renewal CPR class (required previous Heart & Stroke BLS Certification within the past year).  Classes are available days, evenings, and weekends for your convenience.

Winnipeg BLS CPR Training Parents Infants Private Classes


Winnipeg BLS CPR Training Parents Infants Private Classes

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Full Private BLS CPR Class
$140 + gst / up to 2 participants

Renewal BLS CPR Class Price
$90 + gst / up to 2 participants

Private classes are also available for 1-person however prices are assessed at the same rate; you are welcome to train with a friend or colleague to receive a private class at the same pricing.

Winnipeg Manitoba BLS Provider CPR AED Private Class Infant Child Adult Parents


(Please contact us prior to registering to assess your training needs)

Full Private BLS CPR Class
$405 + gst / 6 participants
$765 + gst / 12 participants

Renewal BLS CPR Class Price
$270 + gst / 6 participants
$510 + gst / 12 participants

Notes: One BLS Provider Manual from the Heart & Stroke Foundation is Included (per couple) with all Full-length Courses; additional manuals can be purchased for $20 + pst & gst.. For full-length Group Classes of 6 people or more, one manual will be provided for each participant. For renewal classes, you are expected to provide your own manual or you can purchase a manual separately through Bean Family Wellness. If you wish to maintain your certification, renewal classes are required yearly. 

Where do Private CPR Classes take place?

Private Classes for 2 people (couples, parents, friends, co-workers) are generally offered in the comfort of your own home. In-home classes are available within Winnipeg, and Rural Towns within 20 minutes of the 101 Perimeter Hwy. For Group Classes of 6 or 12 participants, our travel area is up to 75km from the City of Winnipeg 101 Perimeter Hwy. Unfortunately we are not able to provide in-home classes to individuals or groups who do not live in Winnipeg, a Rural Town, or are not on a main rural highway. For individuals or couples who live outside this area or prefer not to have a class in their home, we can accommodate a private class in our home-based studio / office space in Sunny St. James.

Group Classes for Businesses, Community Groups, etc. occur at your office or facility. Please contact us for more details.