The Art of Breastmilk Project

The Art of Breastmilk is a photographic journey through the experiences of parents feeding their children breastmilk. The purpose of this project is to explore, document, and share the many realities of the breastmilk feeding relationship.

For this project, several models will be required who are currently feeding their children breastmilk. Whether it comes directly from the breast, a pump, an SNS, or you have to supplement with donor milk, formula, etc., you feed your biological child or an adoptive child, a single baby, twins or triplets, a newborn or a preschooler.  Your story is one that needs to be shared. This project is all-inclusive, LGBTQ+ Friendly and encourages participation from all families.

The project was founded by Ilissa Kolly, owner of Bean Family Wellness and Photographer for Imagery by Bean. Ilissa Kolly's work has been featured in internationally published magazines such as Midwifery Today, Pathways to Family Wellness, Holistic Parenting, and Natural Pregnancy Magazine. She has been a guest speaker on CTV Morning Live, as well as on CJOB Radio Live. 

Official model calls for individuals meeting specific criteria will be made on the Bean Family Wellness & The Art of Breastmilk Facebook page on a regular basis. However, anyone who is interested is welcome to apply at anytime. Please contact us to indicate your interest. You will receive a follow-up email within with more details and a link to a questionnaire. 

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Sample Participant Excerpt Story:



Our hope is that the content of this project will change the experiences of families for the better and will touch the lives of parents and care providers around the world. We recognize that there is still a lot of education that needs to be done regarding all the many types of breast milk feeding experiences that mothers go through. This project aims to reduce the stigma around feeding, to increase the rates of feeding children breastmilk, and to teach parents to embrace and be proud of their unique feeding relationship. 

Ilissa Kolly is available for interviews and willing to guest-write for print and web-based media upon request. 

Please forward requests to or (204) 990-3519.