Answering Your Questions About Prenatal Classes

When should I take a Prenatal Class?

It is most recommended to take a Prenatal Childbirth Class with Bean Family Wellness between 27-32 weeks pregnant. However, you can take a class prior to that, or anytime before you give birth. It can be helpful to take the class during this time to help you and your partner feel more prepared for birth. It gives you time to practice some of the techniques and comfort measures that we cover in class, prepare for birth with some of the activities we give as homework and to encourage optimal fetal positioning, plus it gives you time to do more research about your options and discuss it with your partner and care provider. 

What topics are covered in Prenatal Classes with Bean Family Wellness?

Bean Family Wellness offers a comprehensive prenatal class to well prepare you for birth and beyond (including breastfeeding). Most of the class focuses on how to prepare for birth, childbirth, comfort measures, and the period shortly after birth.

Some of the topics you'll learn about include,
- Preparing for Labour and Childbirth During Pregnancy (Encouraging Optimal Positioning and more!)
- Brief Overview of the Physiologic Process of Labour & Childbirth
(What to Expect During Labour)
- How your Partner / Support Persons can Help
- Natural Comfort Measures & Relaxation Strategies
- Pain Relief Options  (including natural and medicated options to inform you of your choices)
- Postpartum Care for Parents and Baby at your Place of Birth
- The Essentials of Breastfeeding in the Early Days to help ensure the best start!
- The Essentials of Newborn Care, including soothing techniques, sleep for baby, & more!
- Postpartum Recovery, Support, and Mental Health. Information will be provided about Adjusting to Parenting and Life with your New Baby, as well as Family and Individual Self-Care.

Information may vary for Specialty Prenatal Classes such as Refresher Classes, Classes for Parents Expecting a Planned C-Section, and Classes for Single Moms.

What do I receive with my Prenatal Class?

All Bean Family Wellness Prenatal Childbirth Classes Include: 

  • your choice of prenatal childbirth class (group or private)

  • an educational packet with great resources for pregnancy - birth - postpartum

  • a complimentary sample pack for baby

  • plus a BONUS $50 gift certificate for Imagery by Bean. Valid for any maternity, baby, birth, or family photography session

  • 10% off any Bean Family Wellness BLS CPR & AED Class from the Heart & Stroke Foundation

  • Save $50 off* Birth Doula Services *subject to availability based on your estimated due date*

What is the cost of a Prenatal Class?

Group Prenatal Classes are $175 + gst per couple

Private In-home Prenatal Classes are $210 + gst per couple

Private In-home Refresher Prenatal Classes are $140 + gst per couple

*Please note, prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are secured once you register for your prenatal class.

I am a single mother. Can I take one of your prenatal classes?

Absolutely! Our Prental Classes are designed for expectant moms plus one support person. Single mothers are welcome to attend and are encouraged to bring their doula or other support person (a family member, a friend, etc.). We also other Private In-home Prenatal Classes for Single Mothers if you would like the class customized to your situation and needs.

I have a midwife and I am planning a home or birth centre birth. Are these classes for me?

Definitely! Bean Family Wellness classes are great for families who have a midwife or doctor, are low-risk or high-risk, and are giving birth at home, birth centre, or hospital. During the comfort measures part of the class, the main focus is on natural coping techniques and relaxation strategies for labour. We also discuss natural ways to prepare your body for labour, including Optimal Fetal Position to hopefully encourage a faster, easier, and more comfortable labour. Ilissa, owner of Bean Family Wellness, believes in the amazing power of the body and creating a positive pregnancy birth and postpartum experience for the whole family. The goal is for you to finish class feeling empowered and informed!

The class also includes a brief section on medicated options to ensure you enter labour informed, as well as information on common procedures / interventions dependent on your place of birth, including inductions (natural / medicated).

Classes are customized to the familes attending class. We ensure that the information covered discusses what you can expect with any type of care provider, and at the all places of birth in Manitoba.

I have a birth doula. Do I need to take a prenatal class?

Great question! First of all, congratulations on making the decision to hire a doula for your prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience. Doulas are a great source of information and give you the extra emotional, informational, and physical support you need during these times. However, having a doula is not a replacement for a quality prenatal class.

Doulas usually offer 2-3 prenatal visits during pregnancy, lasting approximately 1 hour each. Depending on the doula that you choose, they will usually have a list of topics that they cover at each visit. This is often including time to get to know you, your personal birth wishes, discussing your plans for birth, and more. Most doulas expect that you have taken a prenatal class, and your visits with your doula are a great chance to ask for more information (resources) or practice the information that you have learned.

Prenatal classes vary in length but offer far more information than your doula would be able to cover in their visits. Prenatal classes are a great chance to learn with your partner about what to expect, how to prepare for labour, more about coping with labour and comfort measures, as well as information on what to expect postpartum at your planned place of birth, recovery, mental health, baby care, breastfeeding and more.

Looking for a Birth Doula? Contact Bean Family Wellness to arrange for a free consultation. Bean Family Wellness Clients receive $50 off the regular doula fee.

We are expecting multiples. Will we benefit from your Prenatal Classes?

We have worked with many families who are expecting more than one baby! You are welcome to register for a Group Prenatal Class or a Private In-Home Prenatal Class. Group Prenatal Classes will teach you about what to expect in general when having a baby, comfort measures, recovery and more. Information is generally specific to having one baby, however, much of the information can be adapted and you are encouraged to ask any questions that you have. You are encouraged to also indicate if you are having multiples on your registration form so that your instructor knows to adapt the information as necessary.

Although parents enjoy group classes, many find that it is helpful to register for a private prenatal class so that your instructor can completely adapt your class to cover specifics for multiples.

Where are Bean Family Wellness Prenatal Classes located?

Currently, our group prenatal classes in Winnipeg take plate at The Reh-Fit Centre, 1390 Taylor Avenue in Winnipeg, unless otherwise indicated either on the registration page or by your instructor. You will receive several updates by email confirming your class location, including reminders 1 week and 1 day prior to your class.

Private Prenatal Classes are available in Winnipeg or within 20 minutes of the Winnipeg 101 Perimeter Highway, covering many rural towns.

Bean Family Wellness is also happy to arrange for a group class in your Rural Manitoba Town.

For more information and details, please contact Ilissa at 204-990-3519. 

Where are Private Prenatal Classes located?

Private Prenatal Classes are generally offered in the comfort of your own home. In-home classes are available within Winnipeg, and Rural Towns within 20 minutes of the 101 Perimeter Hwy. Unfortunately we are not able to provide in-home classes to families who do not live in Winnipeg, a Rural Town, or are not on a main rural highway.

For families who live outside our catchment area or prefer not to have a class in their home, we can accommodate a private class in our home-based studio / office space in Sunny St. James.

How often do you offer Prenatal Classes?

We offer Group Prenatal Classes 1-2 times each month. Our group prenatal classes are currently available as a ‘Prenatal Class in a Day’ format, meaning that they are a one-day 8-hr prenatal class, usually offered on Saturdays from 9:30am-5:30pm.

Private In-home Prenatal Classes and Refresher Classes are available days, evenings, and weekends to fit your schedule. Weekend classes are our most popular classes and often can fill up a couple of months in advance. Please register in advance to avoid disappointment.