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What is a Birth Doula? 

A Birth Doula is a professional, non-medical support person who is experienced with and knowledgeable about pregnancy, childbirth, and care following birth. A doula provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to mothers, partners, and families during pregnancy, childbirth, and the first weeks after baby is born.

Benefits of a Birth Doula

Winnipeg Manitoba Birth Doula Benefits

Doulas have been shown to improve families’ birth experiences, as well as may reduce the liklihood of medical interventions. Families who have had a doula report on average shorter and less painful labours, and a reduced liklihood in the need for intervention including inductions, medicated pain relief, and even c-sections. Studies show that families who have a doula experience better outcomes for mother & baby. And, families who choose to hire a doula often report a more positive birth experience.

Your doula can provide you with the continuous, non-judgmental, non-biased and objective support that you and your family need during pregnancy, birth, and after baby. Doulas do NOT replace partners; a doula will help your partner to feel confident and encourage them to play an active role in your birth.

Whether you are expecting your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th baby, a doula can help!


Birth Doula Services Include:

  • 1 Consultation / Meet & Greet with a Doula (30 minutes)

  • up to 3 Prenatal Visits with your Doula (1-hour each)

  • up to 2 Postpartum Visit with your Doula (1-hour)

    • Additional Prenatal Doula Visits and Postpartum Doula Services can be added (additional fees applies).

  • Connect with your Doula 24/7 telephone/email support during pregnancy + 6-weeks following birth.

  • Your doula is on-call for your birth starting at 37 weeks. If you are expecting a premature baby (or babies), please let us know.

    • A back-up doula is included to ensure you are fully supported during your pregnancy and birth,

  • Attendance at your labour and birth - day or night!

  • Physical, emotional, and informational support during your pregnancy, birth, & postpartum period.

  • Breastfeeding Support within the Doula Scope of Practice.

  • Access to the Bean Family Wellness Lending Library.

  • 10% off any Bean Family Wellness Prenatal Childbirth Class (private in-home, group, or refresher classes)

  • 10% off any Bean Family Wellness BLS Provider CPR & AED Class (Heart & Stroke Foundation) **

  • a $50 gift certificate valid for Maternity or Newborn Session with Imagery by Bean (Transferable - No Cash Value)

  • 10% off Birth Pool Rentals, Breast Pump Rentals, and TENS Machine Rentals. **

    **up to 6 months after your birth

Winnipeg Birth Doula

Birth Doula Fee
$775 + gst 

  • Choose a 1-, 2-, or 3-payment option.   

  • Doula fees are payable by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express in-person or online, E-Interac Transfer, Cheque or Cash. 

  • A retainer fee of $300 is required to reserve your doula for your estimated due date period; your retainer is applied to your total fee. 

Image by Ilissa Mistry, Imagery by Bean (a Professional Photography Service of Bean Family Wellness)

Image by Ilissa Mistry, Imagery by Bean (a Professional Photography Service of Bean Family Wellness)

Are you looking for a Birth Photographer plus Doula Services?

Birth photography is available to doula clients as an add-on. Ask about how you can document your labour and your first moments as a family with a customized Collection.

Since 2013, Ilissa's work has been published in several Internationally Published Magazines such as Midwifery Today, Pathways to Family Wellness, Holistic Parenting, and Natural Pregnancy Magazine.

Birth Photography Add-on for Birth Doula Clients starts at $350 + pst & gst.

Please note: Ilissa is currently not offering Birth Photography ONLY collections to clients who do not chose doula services.