Ameda Platinum Hospital-grade Breast Pump Rentals in Winnipeg

Introducing the Ameda Platinum Breast Pump, the perfect combination of advanced technology and the time-proven benefits of our SMB™ Breast Pump. Superbly efficient, it is the one-of-a-kind, customized solution for both clinicians and mothers.


Rental Rates:

  • Monthly Rentals : $84.00 + gst / monthly (works out to $2.80/day)

  • Bi-Weekly Rentals: $50.00 + gst / bi-weekly (works out to $3.50/day)

  • Additional Single Week Rentals: $28.00 + gst / weekly (works out to $4.00/day)

Your Ameda Collection System: 
All Rentals require the purchase of an Ameda HygeniKit Collection System to use the Ameda Platinum Hospital Grade Breast Pump, if you do not already have a Collection Kit for Ameda, or an Ameda Purely Yours Consumer Grade Pump (the Collection Kits are interchangeable).

  • The Dual (Double) Hygenikit Collection System: $88.00 + gst.

  • The Single Hygenikit Collection System: $49.00 + gst.

The Ameda brand collection kit can be used with the Ameda Purely Yours Consumer-Grade Pump afterwards, or it can be converted to a hand pump for pumping on the go (with the Ameda Manual One-Hand Assembly, sold by Bean Family Wellness).

Learn more about Ameda Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps:

To achieve its comfortable, smooth feel, the Ameda Platinum breast pump uses an internal rotating piston. This durable mechanism is similar to the piston used in the original Ameda SMB™ pump. The piston creates a waveform that represents how suction builds, peaks, and releases during pumping. This rhythmic waveform has been shown to be the most effective for milk production for preterm and full term infants.

Only found in the Ameda Platinum pump, VacuSense™ Technology provides consistent suction during single and dual pumping and varying altitudes.

With independent controls, mothers can customize their pump settings to their own body’s response and achieve multi-phase pumping.

Babies change sucking speed to achieve multiple milk ejections during a breastfeeding session. Using the Ameda Platinum pump, mothers can also adjust their speed higher to help trigger multiple milk ejections and lower to help drain the breast several times while pumping.

Also, research has shown pumping at your highest comfortable suction setting yields more milk. The Ameda Platinum lets mothers adjust suction during a pumping session. This flexibility allows a mother to pump at her own personal comfort level.

This precision offers over 5,000 unique setting combinations.

All Rentals include FREE Home Delivery and Pick-up
(within Winnipeg and Select Rural Manitoba Towns within 20 minutes of the Winnipeg 101 Perimeter Highway)

Please note: The system will only allow you to reserve delivery 48 hours in the future. We are often able to accommodate delivery within 24-hours of your request, sometimes same day. Please call (204) 990-3519 to inquire, or indicate when you'd like it delivered when reserving your rental.