'Birth Pool In A Box' Rentals
in Winnipeg & Rural Manitoba

The Birth Pool in a Box makes it possible for all families to experience the benefits of using water for their births. Immersion in a large pool of water is proven to make labours faster, easier, and more comfortable.

We aim to provide the most comfortable and safest birthing pool at a reasonable price. 

Choose 'The Birth Pool in a Box' because it: 
•is comfortable and welcoming
•has handles exactly the right places
•has a built-in seat for bonding with baby after birth
•is a easy to clean up with it's fitted disposable liner
•can be adjusted to the right height for you with its 3 independent chambers
•is certified by medical device regulators in Europe and the USA
•is #1: over 8,000 babies per year are born in a birth pool in a box
•The Birth Pool in a Box is LATEX-FREE!

Birth Pool in a Box Rentals in Winnipeg and Rural Manitoba

All Birth Pool Rentals are for 5 weeks to ensure you have your pool when you need it. Most families choose to have their birth pool rental from 37-42 weeks pregnant.

Your Birth Pool Rental Includes: 

- FREE home delivery and pickup in Winnipeg and Surrounding Rural Towns (within 20 minutes of the Winnipeg Perimeter Highway)
- Your Professional Eco Birth Pool in a Box (Reg. Size) Rental for 5-weeks
- A carrying tote
- A fitted single-use fitted disposable liner, specifically designed for use with the Birth Pool in a Box
- An inflate/deflate pump
- A shower/faucet adapter

Additional Items you need:
- A new drinking water grade grade / non-toxic hose. You can supply your own or you can purchase direct through us. Choose from the 25’ foot ($27 + pst & gst) or 50’ foot ($42 + pst & gst) option at checkout. You will receive a separate invoice for this and your hose will be delivered at the same time as your rental.

Once your rental request is received and your dates are confirmed, you will receive a PDF copy of the rental agreement to complete prior to your rental delivery.  Please expect this within 1 week of your rental request. 

Total Rental Price: $175 + pst & gst

       Payment options: 

  • One-payment Option: $175 + pst & gst

  • Two-payment Option: 2 Payments of $87.50 + pst & gst

  • A non-refundable retainer of $87.50 + pst & gst is required to reserve your 5-week rental period. The retainer fee applies to your total rental fee.

  • A credit card is required to keep on file in the case of incidentals (e.g. non-return, soiled, etc. as outlined in your Birth Pool Rental Agreement)

Note: This rental is for the Professional-Grade Regular Size Birth Pool in a Box Rental. This unit is specially made and intended for multiple uses (as a rental unit). We take the utmost care in ensuring your rental unit is thoroughly cleaned between all users.