Support Groups

We are currently looking for a new space to host the following support groups in the Winnipeg area.  For more information, please contact us.


More Milk: Before Birth & Postpartum Preparation Support Group

The More Milk Group is a special support group offered for mothers who are dealing with low milk supply or who have previously dealt with low milk supply, to help them prepare for and cope with their breastfeeding realities for future babies. The purpose of this group is to help mother's learn from other mothers, as well as have a positive breastfeeding experience regardless of whether they have a full milk supply or a low milk supply. 

This group is currently available as an online forum on Facebook. A local Winnipeg group is in the planning stages and will be starting in the next couple of months. To indicate your interest, please call or email Bean Family Wellness. 

Visit the More Milk: Before Birth & Postpartum Preparation Facebook group


Winnipeg Positive Birth Group

No matter where, how, or with who you decide to give birth, you deserve to have a positive birth experience! Whether you are expecting a baby, or have recently given birth, join us to connect with other mothers and learn how to have a positive birth experience regardless of the circumstances surrounding your birth. This group is a discussion group format 'that holds a woman’s right to a positive birth experience to be of fundamental importance'.

The purpose of this group is also to help women who have had a traumatic birth experience meet with other moms who have been through similar situations and learn from each other ways to heal, learn and grow from their experience.

The Postive Birth Movement is part of a global network. Positive Birth Groups are tailored for mothers and expectant moth