Prenatal Childbirth Classes North of Winnipeg / Interlake Region

Bean Family Wellness offers Prenatal Childbirth Education Classes North of Winnipeg, Manitoba and in the Interlake Region

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You are embarking on an amazing journey to prepare you for the day that you meet your little bean. Childbirth is a monumental event and will be one of the most important days of your life. Choose Bean Family Wellness to help prepare you for your birth experience! 

Are you located in rural Manitoba? Don't want to make the trip to Winnipeg or another community for your prenatal childbirth classes? We are happy to offer private prenatal classes in several Rural Manitoba communities. Our private classes are taught in the comfort of your own home and adapted to fit your busy schedule! These classes cover a variety of topics, however, because of the individual nature of them, they will also be customized to your personal birth experience. Classes are great for anyone planning a hospital, home, or birth centre birth, with either an obstetrician (OB), family doctor, or midwife

  • Prenatal Classes are available in the following communities North of Winnipeg, Manitoba (as well as other local rural communities - please contact us to see if we are available for your region):  
    • Stonewall
    • Balmoral
    • Grosse Isle
    • Warren
    • Argyle
    • West St. Paul
    • East St. Paul
    • Lockport
    • Selkirk
    • Stony Mountain
    • Don't see your community? Contact us to find out if we travel to your area. 

<< RURAL GROUP CLASS OPTION >>  Do you know of other pregnant couples in your area who are interested in a group class? We travel to rural Manitoba communities upon request to facilitate 'Childbirth in a Day' Prenatal Classes. This one day class is a great way to meet other parents, share experiences, and learn in a group setting. Group classes can me offered with up to 2 other couples in your home, or a community class can be arranged.  Group classes with 4 or more couples will receive a discounted rate.  Please contact Ilissa at (204) 990-3519 for more information or to request a group class in your area. 

Classes offer a mixture of educational content through discussion, handouts, videos and other multimedia, as well as hands-on practice. During your private class, you will be shown and have a chance to practice a variety of comfort measures. 


Class availability: Private classes are available during the day, as well as on evenings and weekends. Please reserve as soon as possible to ensure availability.


Length of class: On average, private classes last approximately 4hrs long. Classes may last longer if you are reserving a class with more than one couple. 


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For more information on classes,

please contact us at 204-990-3519 or