Expecting a Late Summer or Fall Baby? Reserve Your Birth Pool and TENS Machine Rentals now.

Are you due this Summer or Fall? Don’t miss out on natural pain relief with the Birth Pool in a Box or Elle TENS Machine Rental. Limited Units Are Available from Month-to-Month.


**All Birth Pool in a Box Rentals are out of stock until July 29th. Reserve Yours Here: https://www.beanfamilywellness.com/winnipeg-birth-pool-rentals/


**All Elle TENS Machine Rentals are out of stock until July 15th. Reserve Yours Here: https://www.beanfamilywellness.com/tens-machine-rentals/

All of our rentals are available for 5-weeks, from 37-42 weeks to ensure you have it when you need it! Is your estimated due close to the above dates? Inquire about our prorated service for families who need to rent after 37 weeks because of stock availability.  Please note that Rentals come in and out of stock regularly and we have new rental requests weekly. 

Bean Family Wellness also provides FREE Delivery and Pickup for all rentals in Winnipeg, and within 20 minutes of the Winnipeg Perimeter Highway.


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