Birth Wishes Consultations

Whether this is your first birth, second birth, or fifth birth, many mothers and their partners find it helpful to make a list of desires they wish for their birth experience.  Many people refer to this list as a 'Birth Plan'. I like to refer to them as your list of 'Birth Wishes'. A Birth Wishes document is helpful whether you are having a hospital birth, birth centre birth, or home birth, with either an obstetrician, midwife, or family doctor. It is a great way to make sure that everyone sharing your birth experience with you, including all the care providers, know exactly what you are hoping from for your birth experience. 

Birth Wishes cover everything from your desires about your labour. For example, are you hoping for a natural birth? Or, would you like an epidural? If offered, would you like your care provider to rupture your amniotic sac, or not? 

It also covers everything about after the birth. Your birth wishes document outlines the care that you would like in ideal circumstances for you and your baby. It also gives you and your partner a chance to discuss some of the 'what if's'. For example, what if you need a c-section? Who would you like to be with you? If they need to take your baby for observation, would you like your partner to stay with you or stay with your baby? 

These are all tough questions and ones you may or may not consider. If you have a doula, the Birth Wishes or Birth Plan document is something she will likely go over with you during your prenatal visits. If you have decided not to have a doula, this option gives you the opportunity to meet with a doula and discuss your wishes, ask questions, and plan for your birth experience. With so many options, it can be overwhelming and confusing! This will give you the oppotunity to have support through the process and find out, 'What does all of this really mean?" 


  • A one-hour private consultation
  • A downloadable birth wishes document template
  • Unlimited telephone and email contact for one-week after your consultation to answer any questions that come up while writing your final draft, or that you may have forgotton about during the consultation.
  • Access to our Lending Library 

The birth wishes consultation can occur in the comfort of your home or virtually via Skype. 


There are limited spaces each month for Birth Wishes Consultations. If you are interested, please consider inquiring as soon as you've decided that you are interested.